Groundbreaking Innovation

Our resilient, innovative, green technologies reduce costs and carbon emissions through intelligent design.

Groundbreaking Innovation

Our resilient, innovative, green technologies reduce costs and carbon emissions through intelligent design.

What Is Thermenex? How It Works

A Thermenex System is a patented product that optimizes building thermal energy systems using a thermal gradient header, which his a pipe with a warm end and a cold end. There is one pipe that interconnects all building thermal energy systems.

The system employs an innovative and patented arrangement of well-known HVAC systems interconnected with a single pipe that provides the most efficient method of managing building thermal energy. A thermal gradient header is more efficient because it simply does less. Heating, cooling, heat reclaim, and heat rejection all become one thermal energy system.

Thermenex understands that whenever something is heated, something else is cooled. Heating and cooling are the simultaneous results at opposite sides of every thermal energy exchange. As darkness is the absence of light, so cooling is the absence of heat.

A Thermenex System is the only HVAC product conceived based on exergy preservation to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions by the holistic integration of all building thermal energy needs.

Thermenex has proven that the application of their thermal gradient header technology results in the lower cost systems that achieve resource sustainable buildings (buildings that have no wasted energy, especially external resources). But achieving thermal efficiency using a pipe with hot water at one end and cold water at the other may seem counterintuitive.

The obvious question: Wouldn’t the heating and cooling just mix?

Thermenex has developed the answer: A non-traditional advanced hydronic design logic. The thermal gradient header sub-systems are arranged to prevent the unwanted mixing of fluid temperatures.

In 2019 Thermenex developed another advanced piping innovation, now patent pending, that integrates with their Thermal Gradiant Header. Called, Thermenex System 3.0,it is the result of research and development around the Thermal Gradient Header technology deployed in over 30 buildings. It provides all the benfits of the original Thermenex Systems for lower installation cost and simpler standardized control logic.. Based on valuable lessons learned, and client feedback in real world settings, Thermenex has developed valuable expertise and knowledge. They know what works.

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Benefits of Energy Sharing
  • Capital cost avoidance – lower HVAC capital costs by reducing size of boilers and chillers, and reduced piping costs
  • Reduces a building’s electricity and gas consumption by almost 30%
  • Lower building emissions – cleaner operation
  • Improved system reliability
Application/Target Markets
  • District Energy systems
  • Commercial buildings
  • Institutional buildings – hospitals, universities, hotels
Thermenex – Energy Sharing Video
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