Noventa Energy Partners announces world’s largest wastewater energy transfer project in Toronto

From left to right: Vince Gasparro, Vancity Community Investment Bank, Dennis Fotinos, Noventa Energy, Ed Rubinstein, UHN, Ron Swail, UHN, Abbas Chagani, Enbridge Gas, Cynthia Hansen, Enbridge Gas, Stephen Condie, Noventa Energy and Ehren Cory, CIB (CNW Group/Canada Infrastructure Bank)


Renewable energy company, Noventa Energy Partners, announced financial close of its first wastewater energy transfer (“WET”) project that will provide over 19MW of low-carbon thermal energy to Toronto Western Hospital.

The $42.9 million retrofit project is made possible by the financial support of the Canada Infrastructure Bank, VanCity Community Investment Bank, Enbridge Gas and a grant from Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Fund.

Noventa’s first WET project in Canada is the product of two years of determination and ingenuity of Noventa engineers. With the strong support of the University Health Network (“UHN”) and the City of Toronto, Noventa was able to design and integrate the world’s largest WET System in a dense urban center. The project demonstrates the adaptability of our Huber ThermWin®️ technology and the viability of wastewater energy transfer as a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels for heating and cooling our buildings.

The buildings sector accounts for over 31% of all global GHG emissions and over 52% in Toronto.

“This project demonstrates what is possible if we reimagine energy and challenge conventional practices to fight the damaging effects of climate change,” says Dennis Fotinos, CEO of Noventa Energy. “It also demonstrates the importance of partners who share a common goal and a willingness to find solutions to move forward rather than excuses to stop. The active participation and strong support of UHN and the City of Toronto cannot be overstated neither can the experience and creativity of all our project partners – notably Huber Technology, Bird Construction and MCW Engineers.”

Wastewater is an abundant and underutilized source of renewable thermal energy that can provide both heating and cooling. With the proprietary and proven Huber ThermWin®️ System, for which Noventa Energy is the exclusive distributor, wastewater can act as a heat source or heat sink to heat and cool buildings more efficiently than conventional systems —reducing the amount of electricity, natural gas and water consumed.

For this project, Noventa had to overcome the unique challenges of a dense urban center.  The adaptability of our Huber ThermWin®️ system allowed us to work with the City of Toronto and UHN to design a large plant below a city street to house our self-cleaning Huber RoWin®️ heat exchangers and a large Wetwell around an existing vortex chamber to house the Huber RoK4®️XL units that sieve the wastewater.  Noventa engineers every Huber ThermWin®️ installation to suit each individual project.  We are currently developing designs for several other notable projects representing over $500 million and 150MW of energy.

As for the Toronto Western Hospital WET project, it will provide 1.7 million megawatt hours of thermal energy each year to the hospital. Over the next 30 years, Toronto Western will see a cumulative reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of more than 250,000 tonnes—displacing 1.35 million cubic meters of natural gas, 143,000 megawatt hours of electricity consumption, and 1.4 million cubic meters in water usage, the equivalent of 560 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Project construction will soon be underway.