Changing how we think about energy


Changing how we think about energy

Who is Noventa?

Noventa is a renewable energy company that provides REIMAGINING ENERGYTM services through fully engineered technology solutions and the development of renewable energy projects that demonstrate the capacity of our exclusively licensed and proprietary technologies to significantly reduce carbon emissions and manage energy costs.


To be an agent for change and a platform for innovation where energy is reimagined to improve our world.


To be the go-to source for innovative new ideas, technologies and services in the renewable energy sector.

What We Do

With over 60 years of collective energy industry experience, we have learned a few things along the way – most importantly that conventional approaches to heating and cooling our buildings are no longer sustainable. So, we are…

REIMAGINING ENERGYTM services in everything we do, including:

  • Developing and operating renewable energy projects

From Deep Lake Water Cooling to Combined Heat and Power Plants, our team has proven experience developing and operating renewable energy projects. That experience has taught us that there is no one solution for all situations. In developing renewable energy projects that are Sustainable, we aggregate green energy technologies, products and services to reduce the greatest amount of carbon emissions at a cost that also provides meaningful energy savings for our customers.

  • Engineering and business consulting and other related engineering services that support renewable energy

At Noventa, our REIMAGINING ENERGYTM services means helping our stakeholders look at energy differently. To that end, we provide business advice with respect to creative financing options and assistance with accessing government project funding, where available.  Our engineering consulting services include conceptual design of potential renewable energy options and re-design and optimization of existing HVAV systems to facilitate the integration of green energy technologies, products and services.

  • Leasing of our patented and exclusively licensed green technologies, products and services

Noventa’s exclusive product distribution licenses are evidence of the trust that our technology partners have in our team. However, even in this regard, REIMAGINING ENERGYTM  provides greater value for our technology partners.  We not only lease green energy products to other customers, but we also lease them to ourselves in the renewable energy projects that we build.  In so doing, we are able to gather first-hand knowledge of the products which we share with our partners to foster continuous improvement and optimization of the product design and performance.

  • Commercialization strategies for new technologies and inventions

At Noventa, we value the effort and creativity that goes into developing intellectual property.  As such, we look for mutually beneficial strategies that allow us to share the risks and benefits associated with commercializing new technologies without depriving inventors of the economic value of their IP. In this case, REIMAGINING ENERGYTM  means re-thinking business relationships to remove the barriers to successful development and deployment of green technologies and the proliferation of renewable energy in our society.

  • Research and Development

REIMAGINING ENERGYTM is not a static endeavour. It necessitates constant re-evaluation and challenging of ideas and practices which, at one time or another, were deemed to be leading edge.  At Noventa, we believe complacency is one of the biggest impediments to innovation and our collective efforts to combat climate change.  Therefore, we have a robust R&D program that examines all aspects of energy generation and consumption with particular focus on technology in the field of renewable energy involving the aggregation of products, technologies and services in the field of green technologies to develop low carbon and new renewable energy projects, products and services.   

  • Identifying public private partnership opportunities

Strategic partnerships are an integral part in our efforts at REIMAGINING ENERGYTM.  Creative business arrangements are not limited to private sector commercial partners like hotels, motels, multi-unit buildings and industrial manufacturing. They also extend to municipalities and other levels of government, government agencies, schools, hospitals, and utilities. To that end, our business consulting services include identifying public private partnerships with these partners that provide strategic value that supports our business initiatives.   These partnerships also help us build trust with our stakeholders by sharing the benefits of our green technologies and the new renewable energy projects that we develop and operate.

Where we do it

With an exclusive North American and Scottish license for HUBER ThermWin® technology and a strategic North American sales relationship with Kelvin TEMS and other technology suppliers,  Noventa is developing a diversified portfolio of projects in cities across Canada, the UK and the US.  Our customers include  institutional campuses, industrial operations, commercial and multi-residential buildings, and municipalities.

Problem Our Solution
Climate Change
  • Green or lower emissions – net zero with path to net positive
  • Future-proof operations as world moves to green energy
Energy Cost Management
  • Renewable, naturally recurring energy supply = lower energy costs
  • Lower operating and annual maintenance costs
  • Eligible for carbon credits that can be monetized
Energy Price Volatility
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels = less exposure to market volatility
  • Renewable energy provides cost stability and price predictability
High Capital Costs
  • No up-front costs; project financing provided
  • Lower life cycle costs; avoidance/reduction of replacement costs
Government Regulations
  • Comply or exceed government CO2 objectives
  • Exceed Green Building Standards (LEED)
Operational Risk
  • Combine conventional equipment with renewable energy to provide enhanced reliability and risk mitigation